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2007-10-11 22:45:18 by Keiichi-kun

I've got some songs up so check em out. I'm open for comments.

Problem solved!

2007-10-08 14:48:26 by Keiichi-kun

I've solved my problem and am now waiting for approval. I'll submit another song and depending on the score and reviews of it, I might submit more.

Thanks for your patience

A little bit of trouble...

2007-10-04 22:58:17 by Keiichi-kun

It seems that I've come across a little bit of trouble seeing that the audio submissions I was going to submit are actually .wav files instead of .mp3...This puts me in a little bit of a situation. I want to convert the audio format but I don't know how to...Any help would be appreciated. Think about it, you could be my first fan ^^